Does Armstrong Western LLC charge a buyer's premium?

No! All our bidders know that when they win the bid on an item, they pay the winning bid price, and sales tax where applicable. Nothing more.

How do buyer's premiums affect me as a seller?

Many bidders won't participate in auctions that charge a buyer's premium, leaving potential bidders and money on the table.

The bidders that will participate in a buyer's fee auction will calculate the additional cost into the overall price, netting less money to the seller, and increasing the commission collected by the auction company.

Does Armstrong Western LLC conduct onsite auctions?

Yes! Although most of our auctions are held at our 12.5 acre facility in Caldwell, Idaho, some of our auctions are held onsite where the equipment has been used.

We've held onsite auctions in Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, & Washington.

I only have a couple items to sell. Do I need to bring them to the auction yard?

Nope. It doesn't always make sense to haul your items to our facility. Sometimes the cost of hauling is too much, or maybe you just don't have time.

In some instances we can come to you to get pictures & videos of your items, or we can instruct you on the pictures and details we need in order to list your items in our next auction. Give us a call.

Does Armstrong Western LLC sell real estate?

Absolutely! We team with the most knowledgeable realtors based on the location and type of property we're selling at auction. Our real estate portfolio ranges from complete dairy and farming operations, down to single family homes.

I want to sell a titled vehicle. Does the title have to be in my name?